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Review Policy

How to Send Review Requests:
- I am available to review Young Adult novels in any genre.
- I will occasionally review Middle Grade novels if the summary is interesting.
- I am open to reviewing print or digital copies of books. I have a kindle, so books in that format are especially wonderful!
- Acceptance of a review copy does NOT automatically mean that I will review your book, although I will make every effort to!
- If you would like me to review your book, please feel free to email me at stephaniemcnemar AT gmail DOT com

How I Review Books
- I am not a professional book reviewer. I am simply a girl in her 20's who LOVES to read (and drink coffee).
- My reviews are subjective. I am not interested in dissecting the technical aspects of books.
- I am dedicated to gushing about great books and promoting said books to as many people as possible!
- My reviews will always be honest. I am not going to lie and write a raving review of your book if I did not truly enjoy it.
- However, I will always post the positive and negative aspects of any book I review. Even though a book may not be my cup of tea, other readers may love it!
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